Our concepts
All Star
A multi-brand store that operates in sportswear, footwear and accessories. We are an official retailer for major brands such as NIKE (50% controlled space), ADIDAS (20% controlled space), Converse, Reebok, Jansport, Under Armour, Puma and Skechers. All Star has been the market leader in Suriname for the past 17 years.

All Star has 5 branches in Suriname and 1 in Curacao.
ALDO: Opened December 17th 2018 which is a concept store and franchise.
Foot Candy
Our own concept store for retail of women, men and kids footwear.
We have 5 branches in Suriname, 1 branch in Curacao and 5 franchise stores in Trinidad & Tobago.
Digital World
A leading national retailer of innovative technology products related to personal and home technology. Digital World offers consumers products and services from international brands and major national wireless carriers.

We have 2 branches in Suriname.
An independent retail concept for mobile phones, game consoles, games and accessories.
Opened in November 2016. Concept store and franchise located in the Hermitage Mall.
Concept store and franchise located in the Hermitage Mall.
Concept store and franchise.
This is a concept store and franchise.
Opened in November 2016 which is a concept store and franchise.
We have 3 branches which are concept stores and franchise.
Curacao and the Sambil Mall Trinidad in the The Falls, West Mall and C3 Centre Superstore Curacao Salina which is ALL STAR ATHLETICS, FOOTCANDY and SKECHERS.
This is the franchise holder for DIGICEL SURINAME, a mobile telecom provider which is one of the largest telecom providers of the Caribbean. DIGICEL SURINAME has grown in 9 years time period to the second largest mobile telecom provider with a market share of 40% in Suriname.
We have 4 branches in Suriname.
More Concepts opening soon